❄️ Winterly Tab ❄️ Is Featured By Microsoft!

❄️ Winterly Tab ❄️ Is Featured By Microsoft!

A small & open source project is featured by the top player in the industry

This is just a short update note about this project that I'm willing to share with you 😊

Today is surely an amazing day for me and Winterly Tab. This small & open source project is featured by Microsoft in their Microsoft Edge Add-ons homepage.

Featured by Microsoft

I'm really happy and proud at the same time. Even with little to no stars & forks in the Github repository, this project made it to the top.

But this achievement is also a gentle reminder to me, that this project is still in the very early stage, and there are lots of things need to be done for the improvement. And I will really need your help 😊

Open to contribution for 🎃 Hacktoberfest 🎃

I would like to remind you about this Hacktober event. As I said earlier in this post, Winterly Tab is a registered open source project in this year's Hacktoberfest event. If you are still looking for an open source project to contribute to, you can consider to contribute to this beginner-friendly project.

To contribute, please check the issue tab first and you can work on the available issues, or if you are willing to implement a new feature, you can open a discussion thread in the discussion tab.

Winterly Tab is available in various major browsers. You can download Winterly Tab from these channels:

Have a nice snowy day! And may you coffee always hot ☕️