Moving My Blockchain Development Notes To Paragraph

Moving My Blockchain Development Notes To Paragraph

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This will be a very short announcement regarding the Blockchain development notes in this blog.

As you probably know from my tweet, I am separating my Blockchain blog from other topics. I am using this blog to write non-Blockchain notes, and itโ€™s utilizing Hashnode as the blogging platform. But I think it's time to move the Blockchain development topic to another place.

Itโ€™s not that Hashnode is not a good place to write Blockchain content (in fact, they are very good) but I just want something different, with a more Blockchain-focused platform. And Paragraph (previously Papyrus) is the chosen platform for this, and if you want to know why I choose this platform, just explore the homepage of Paragraph.


I am not leaving this blog. I will still post more notes in the future, indeed. But the majority of the Blockchain development notes will be posted on my XARPN blog (my Blockchain blog name).

You can visit and subscribe to it at

See you on the metaverse!