My Blog Is Now Officially Purple!

My Blog Is Now Officially Purple!

Find out the reason why my blog is purple-ish now


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As you can already see, this blog is dominated by purple color. You probably wonder, "with all the available colors in the this world, why purple is the chosen one?"

By any mean, I do not want to discriminate people with color blindness ๐Ÿ™ Sorry..

The reason behind

At a slow weekend, I told my wife that I want to personalize this blog, and one part of personalizing this blog is choosing the main color, and I asked her if she had a color of choice.

She excitedly said, "PURPLE!"

Well, if it's her choice, then it's already decided, and so I prepared everything for her to choose which shade of purple she liked.

After a quite long discussion, she decided that this shade of purple (#8682D9) is the best one.


After the main color is decided, then we move on to discuss the secondary color for this blog. It wasn't a difficult choice to finally we choose this light cyan (#DEFCFE) as the secondary color.


How do the images are also in the same colors?

Fortunately, I previously made this Mini Product called Spotify Filter. It is an online image editor that you can use for free to apply duo-tone color filter, similar to what Spotify popularize before.

It doesn't take long for me to add this color preset into my Mini Product, and everything is done.

You can use my Spotify Filter to apply similar concept to your blog. It's free! If you can't find your personalized color scheme, send me an email with two colors of your choice (bright & dark color), and I'll be more than happy to add it. Be sure to drop the URL as well so I can follow your blog :)

Finally, that's how it's done...

Hope you enjoy, and have a nice day!

The featured image in this post is edited using my Spotify Photo Filter which you can use for free from my Mini Product.