How To Download Twitter Space?

How To Download Twitter Space?

Download the conversation audio from Twitter Space to your local computer


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Twitter Space can be a fun way to learn new knowledge, and meet other people with the same interest. You can ask a question, and discuss whatever topic you are interested in. In real time.

Most of the time, the Space will be recorded by the host and available for re-listen for anyone who wanted to. However, this recording would only last for 30 days at max. This would be a big problem if you find the conversation worth a million-dollars for you, and you wouldn't be able to re-listen after 30 days.

Want to download it directly from Twitter? Unfortunately, at the time this note is written, there's still no specific feature provided by Twitter to download the Space.

So, how do I download a Twitter Space to my local computer?

The solution is provided by swyx where he made a tool to download any Twitter Spaces you want called Mech. It's not his own tool per se, but he forked and modified it from 89z on Github.

swyx explained in his blog post, that if you want to download the Twitter Space, you can follow these steps:

  • Download the twitter binary from his Github

  • Save it somewhere local in your computer

  • Open your terminal

  • Run this command from the twitter binary directory you've just downloaded

    ./twitter -c YOUR_SPACE_ID_HERE
  • Please change YOUR_SPACE_ID_HERE to specific Twitter Space ID you want to download. So, if the Twitter Space URL is then the Space ID is 1YqxopQBwYaKv

  • Your downloaded Space will be saved in *.aac format

Here's an example:

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 6.10.16 PM.png

From this point, you're now should be able to download any Twitter Space you want and re-listen it anytime you want.