TheWeb3.Guru: A Collection of Web3 Development Study Materials

TheWeb3.Guru: A Collection of Web3 Development Study Materials

Recommended for all Web3 developer newbies!

Hey, Devs! Introducing TheWeb3.Guru, a site that Web3 developer newbies would definitely love!

What is it? What makes it different? Why should you bookmark it?

Keep on reading this note to get a better understanding about TheWeb3.Guru.


πŸ€” What is TheWeb3.Guru?

TheWeb3.Guru is a personally-managed page which contains Web3-development study materials that I collect from multiple sources in the internet. It is designed to be short, simple, and contains always-updated materials.

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Why Should You Visit TheWeb3.Guru Regularly?

Unlike any other blogs where the author writes a quite-long article whenever the author has new idea, TheWeb3.Guru is designed to store Web3 development materials in personal notes style, for more enjoyable learning process. You won’t find any long and cliche lines that is commonly used by copywriters to achieve the x number of words. But instead, you’ll find short, clear, and descriptive study materials.

It means that whenever I create a new topic, then this topic could always be updated at any time in the future if I have new materials worth to be added. That is why, the default sorting for this web is based on the update date, newest to oldest.

Think about the Downloads directory in your computer, whenever you have downloaded something new from the internet, it will be added to the Downloads directory.

πŸ“– How Should You Use TheWeb3.Guru?

Study materials. Seriously.

Most of the contents on this website is written in bullet points (or at least in clear description) to help you find & remember the materials, and I only write the important notes in it.

❌ Oh no! I Find a 404 Page!

This site is built using Notion, and wrapped using NextJS (so you can easily remember the URL, something that Notion doesn't support currently), so if you find any 404 page in this page, please take a moment to drink, move from your chair and take a light exercise for you body, and return to reload the page (Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows, or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac; do this repeatedly). It may takes several minutes for the contents to be fetched to the page.

Welp, that's it for now! Just like TheWeb3.Guru, I'll update this note if I have something new to add.

I hope you enjoy TheWeb3.Guru and your journey to become a full-time Web3 Developer is as smooth as silk!

Have a nice day!